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Just broke a light bulb while playing half life alyx Huge props to valve for not taking money for the index in order to reserve a spot. Discussion self. Getting an Index as first VR: Expectations vs. Had a weird tracking glitch. What caused it might surprise you! Anyone with a lazy eye amblyopia using the Index, how is it compared to other sets?

Valve Index Base Station loud whine video with sound meter Discussion youtu. What features would you love to have added in SteamVR? Mounting the base stations - drywall or drywall anchor? Vive trackers for fullbody? Make yourself a favor and dont play HL alyx.

Can I just buy the headset? Frunk and Leap Motion? PSA: If you're from outside the US and have joined the waiting list for an Index, Valve's recent changes have made it much harder to finish the purchasing process. Best way to manage base stations for two people in one playspace?

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We don't have a third rule at this time. When we have one to talk about, we'll share it.SteamVR is a full-featured, degree room-scale VR experience. Experience high-end VR paired with everything you love about Steam.

Introducing Room View 3D Update steamcommunity. Early Access v. Anyone interested in VR browsing development? Thoughts on base station placement? Details in comments i. It only takes around 30 mins for you to make a contribution to the scientific literature evaluating VR for learning.

Unable to run SteamVR with my 4k Projector? Hey all! We're back to our normal style in devlog 3 for Shards Of Reality! We talk about pricing in this video so give it a watch, we think you'll be happy with our choice! We added the LIV sdk to our game! So now you can play as a sexy waifu in our asymmetrical coop tower defense! What do you think? How to disable SteamVR dashboard? Recent Nvidia drivers and purple screen? Steam vr crashes headset when game launches Rift S self.

Vive Cosmos black screen self. Get the free key from the developer self. Stream VR Home Props self. Desktop mouse jumps to center of screen when SteamVR goes to sleep self. Where do you recommend me buy vr things on US? Two people actually made this ranked list i. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. SteamVR hot new rising controversial top gilded wiki. Want to join?

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Valve Index reveal: The best of VR’s first generation—but is it worth $999?

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities.Lots of us at Valve, as well as playtesters, have played through the entire game multiple times. We let the Valve Time happen before we announced the game. For instance, if you need to get past an obstacle like a crate, you mantle up rather than jump up.

The only time you need to jump is to traverse a short gap, which happens very rarely. We tried a few iterations of jumping, but ultimately found that even in continuous motion, players preferred dealing with those jumps with a teleport-style movement.

We really wanted to focus on simultaneous two handed play throughout the game, so we needed the player to always be able to easily have a free hand.

We keep that hand pretty busy with gravity gloves, movement, world interactions, flashlight, and so on. The games are comparable in terms of total amount of content. Our intention is to use these to showcase not just gameplay elements, but also VR-specific elements like different movement options. When further details arise, VRFocus will let you know.

A keen gamer since the days of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Peter enjoys covering all aspects of the technology; from the latest consumer hardware to enterprise use cases. By Peter Graham Last updated Jan 23, Peter Graham posts 0 comments.

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Valve Index review: $999 buys you the best VR experience yet — when it works

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Accept Privacy policy.VR adult games self. Dunno if this is allowed here, but a friend of mine is asking if there are any good Adult VR games. Because i have no clue about Adult games in VR. Custom maid 3d 2 and Koikatsu for all your waifu banging needs. Sorry, your friend's waifu banging needs.

valve vr reddit

Honey Select if you like glorified model viewers and creators, Koikatsu, Catgirl Playroom if you like Anime, VR Kanojo if you just want something accesible. Yiffalicious if you're into furry.

Virtamate if you like playing with sliders for foreplay, anything else if you like broken paywalled proof of concepts.

Once you figure out how it works, the models are extremely lifelike. There are even plugins for breathing, gazing, and random expressions. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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When we have one to talk about, we'll share it. No buying, selling, begging, giveaways or crowd-funding. Self-promotion is allowed for game developers and YouTube personalities, please read further below.We've pushed visual, audio, and ergonomic technologies to create the best-in-class VR experience.

Multiple attributes contribute to how clearly and comfortably you see details in VR. Higher framerates improve realism and optical comfort, allowing longer and more comfortable play sessions.

Valve Index displays have a reduced illumination period of 0. The best way to improve field of view is to position the optics as close as possible to the eyes. Physically adjustable IPD distance between eyes and eye relief distance from lens to eye lets you optimize the field of view for your face. The custom lenses built into the Valve Index Headset maximize field of view without sacrificing edge-to-edge clarity.

valve vr reddit

High geometric stability allows you to look around the scene by moving your eyes not just your head with minimal shape distortion. Designed to provide a more natural way to experience audio, Index Speakers do not touch the ears, allowing sound to freely flow and interact with the geometry of your own head and ears. With this earspeaker design audio feels greatly externalized - virtual sound sources appear to come from the environment around you, rather than from inside your head.

No physical contact means cooler temperatures and a huge improvement in comfort, no matter how long you play. Each speaker's position is also adjustable and can be moved to the audio sweet-spot for all heads. The composite honeycomb-panel speaker drivers in the Valve Index provide their full-frequency range across a nearly degree dispersion pattern.

This allows us to accommodate the widest possible diversity of ear and head shapes without sacrificing sound quality. You can adjust Valve Index for your head size, face angle, and ear position. Then fine-tune your visual experience with IPD and eye relief adjustments.

The soft surfaces that touch your head and face are made with high-quality, woven antimicrobial fabric, which is soft on the skin and easy to clean. Ergonomically designed padding means pressure is evenly and comfortably distributed.

The face gasket for this headset is replaceable with a magnetic interface for easy cleaning and swapping.


We encourage after-market mods and solutions, and will soon be providing the specifications for these face pads. Specs coming soon. We are a company of modders and makers.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy.

It can be a pain to set up; getting the whole thing calibrated perfectly can take hours. And then you might have to start over when someone else wants to use the headset. Not everything works perfectly all the time, although that aspect of the system is getting better. Nothing about Index is easy. The question is, how many hoops are customers willing to jump through to get to that experience, and how much are they willing to pay? A single cable runs from the display and connects to a small splitter that includes the DisplayPort and USB connections that need to go to the computer, as well as a power cable that needs to be plugged into the wall.

The mechanical dial on the back of the headset itself makes it a snap to loosen or tighten the fit, and the dial on the side makes it just as easy to adjust the distance between the screen and my eyes. Index is a premium headset with a price tag to match, but the headset itself delivers a premium experience.

The two x LCD screens provide a higher-resolution image than competing headsets, and they can be set to 80, 90,or Hz to provide increasingly high frame rates during play. A high frame rate is clutch for smooth VR, and the Hz mode is a thing to behold — if you have the hardware necessary to drive it. Field of view is the term we use to describe how tall and wide the image inside a virtual reality headset looks to the player.

The smaller the field of view, the more the player may feel claustrophobic or isolated. The closer the screens, the wider the field of view. That means players can grab onto the controllers and squeeze to pick up a virtual object, and then let go to drop it. The action feels very natural once I get used to it, but at first, my brain somewhat balked at the idea of relaxing my grip; I kept thinking the controller was going to fall out of my hand.

Once I got accustomed to how the controllers connected and began to trust the straps, I realized how much nicer this setup really is. I can just relax and move my hands in virtual reality without having to worry about gripping the controller. The controllers are also filled with sensors that are supposed to be able to track my hand on a per-finger basis. That technology works most of the time. However, there are currently precious few VR experiences that take advantage of the Knuckles controllers, even though the recent update to Superhot VR lets me do fun stuff like this:.

The finger tracking is still kind of glitchy and imprecise, although recent software updates have improved the performance. Each Knuckle feels solid and comfortable, and once I got used to letting go and relaxing my hands when they were strapped on, they became something really special. The controllers are also pressure-sensitive, which means that games can offer different interactions based on how hard I squeeze.Keep your finger on the pulse of the XR industry with the Daily Roundup, the most important news in one daily email.

As one of the most reclusive developers of both games and hardware, that goes doubly so for its efforts in VR. Now, reported images of what appears to be a never before seen Valve headset have come to light, and it certainly looks the part of a next gen device.

A pronounced slot in the front can also be seen containing what appears to be a USB port for what could be an add-on device. A slight flare to the outer rim of the front of the headset suggests a larger display as well to match. This story is breaking.

The Valve logo is photoshopped. The actual logo has straight lines so it should stay true to how the rest of the actual HMD is shown. Sure be skeptical it certainly looks a bit wonky but one must consider the fact that this is clearly a high spec unreleased HMD. What motive is there to add the valve logo?

Normally its for stuff that has insane hype like next iphone HL2 for example. I also think if this was fake original pics would have shown up by now. Yes if it turns out to be fake then tough luck lets move on but if not then at the very least there is something to look forward to. I never said anything was wrong in an area. Of course they are working on a second generation headset.

Of course it will have a wide FOV. Question is when will it be released.

Valve Index review: high-powered VR at a high-end price

But this is no surprise. No specs and price -no hype.

valve vr reddit

Especially after vive pro fiasco. If this will be slightly better hmd for more than 1k USD… its really nothing to be interested about. All of the headsets shown have tags attached with similar problems written on them, in addition to a stick with a QR code and various checkboxes.

Clearly these are defective units, being sent to QC to iron out production issues. I imagine some EM-invisible faceplate goes over that cavity, where… something… goes and is plugged into that port. A Leap Motion? Compute unit for standalone use? Auxiliary battery to drive the display and sensors when in wireless mode? Clearly they have something important in mind that goes there, an optional accessory. I expect a CES announcement as with the Pro. The question is, how will they position this headset versus the Pro?

The higher FOV would seem to make the Pro obsolete. I always suspected the Pro was intended to be a low-volume stopgap to hold the high end until a Vive 2 came out shortly afterward. The recent addition of asynchronous spacewarp could suggest higher system requirements. Yeah, that would indeed be ideal, if they all ran everything and it was just a matter of choosing your preferred platform.

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