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Disclaimer: I do not own any Chicago Fire characters, this is a short storyLeslie never died and well read to find out what happens. I hope you enjoy :. All this time. We held on to each other. We knew we had to be strong. Through the tears and the laughter. It's still forever after all this time. Leslie Severide sat beside her best friend Gabriela, she looked at her best friend of nearly 10 years, she was amazed at how strong their bond was, but if she had to admit, they were more like sisters and nothing in the world could ever change that.

Gabby was yelling at her kids and her husband Matt to throw the ball, and Leslie looked over and started cracking up, Kelly was on the ground and all the kids were now tackling him. She heard her husband of nearly 5 years cry foulfoul Yes you heard correctly, Leslie and Kelly one night declared their undying love for each other, Leslie never thought she could ever be like her ex Clarice going from women to men, but see Clarice never had a Kelly Severide, a best friend, one who was always by your side no matter how many times you messed up.

Gabby always said that she and Kelly were soulmates but Leslie laughed at her, but Gabby was so right. What was really cute about thisall their kids were around the same age, and Leslie was now expecting their third baby.

And now they had just found out they were having another baby boy. She and Kelly were playfully arguing about the name. What's real funny is she and Gabby were both about 7 months and the guys said they had planned all the kids to be close but Leslie and Gabby secretly thought the men were in a playful competition but after this baby she was going to be done.

Gabriela Casey stared at her handsome and kind husband Matt as he now was rolling on the ground with their son. Gabby started laughing as their daughter put grass down Matt's back, Gabby looked beside her, at her best friend well more like a sister Leslie laughing so hard. Gabby was so thankful for Leslie, for Kelly, for Matt and all the children.

She was so thankful to God, that not only are Leslie and Kelly always going to be their best friends but also their family until forever was up.

They were all godparents to each other's children and whenever they needed alone time together the other couple would watch their kids like they were there own. Gabby rubbed her belly as the little girl was excited about something. Gabby stared at her daughter who just turned 7 she was arguing with Benji about who the ball should go to, Jocelyn Camille Casey was completely all Gabby especially her stubbornness and feistiness, she was Daddy's little girl thoughshe always wanted to be near Daddy.

The day she was born Gabby thought Matt's heart would explode from complete happiness.

Taylor Kinney

Matt always wanted to be a father and when Jocelyn came he said his life was now complete but almost 11 years later they were still going strong, but after this little girlthey believed their little family will be complete. Gabby's attention then focused on the sandy haired, blue eyed little boy Eli Matthew Casey who looked completely like a little Matt, he was 5 years old and his smile would light up anyone's life.

Gabby hugged her belly as she said a silent prayer for this beautiful life that was given to her, and yes, Gabby helped get Kelly and Leslie admit their feelings for each other, but they did threatened her playfully if they broke up it would be on her. Gabby just sighed as she and Leslie held each other's hands of friendship, of sisters and of a love of a family of a bond that will never be broken.

Kelly stood on the porchhe ran in to use the bathroom as he came outhe just stood there admiring all that was going on, he chuckled as all the kids decided to tackle Matt. He could hear Matt calling him to come help. Kelly was so happy that he and Matt were still best friends but if he was to be honest, he and Matt were brothers blood or no blood they were brothers.

They had both been promotedhe was a Chief at Austin Firehouse as Matt was Chief at 51, but the two firehouses had each other's backs. Kelly then looked at the two beautiful pregnant women laughing, one was Gabby, who he will forever think of as a little sister, and then their was Leslie, first his best friend who was a lesbian, now his beautiful wife who has blessed him with two well almost three beautiful children.

Kelly: I love you Mrs. Severide I would love to stay by your side but I think Matt needs a break.Little is known about Lindsay's early childhood except that her father was in prison and her mother was a drug addict. Lindsay grew up on the street and by the age of 14, she had already been arrested 5 times. The charges included misdemeanor, simple battery, retail theft, solicitation, and unlawful possession of cannabis. Later, Voight took her in and raised her like a daughter.

When she was 16, Voight had her enrolled in the St. Ignatius School for a new start, however the girls at the school quickly found out about her past. She has a close working partnership with Detective Jay Halstead that could develop into something more personal later on. However, Voight has strictly forbidden any non-professional relationship between the two.

This is partly due to Lindsay's implied commitment issues stemming from her rough childhood. Lindsay has compassion for vulnerable young people as she can relate. She tries twice unsuccessfully to get a year-old prostitute and heroin addict, Nadia, to enter rehab. She later succeeds and Nadia now works for District 21 Intelligence as Administration. Lindsay visits Firehouse 51 to warn the firefighters about possible unsavory characters during a blackout.

She is first on scene when a thug named Vince Keeler attemps to attack a man at the firehouse. Lieutenant Kelly Severide forces Keeler out and is given a death threat. Shortly after the blackout, Keeler and his gang kidnap Severide's sister Katie as retaliation. Lindsay is a go-between for updates on the case. Severide beats information about Katie's whereaboutsout of an ally of Keeler's. This results in a successful takedown and reunion between Severide and Katie.

Lindsay talks to Katie in the hospital and it is implied that Keeler beat and raped her. Keeler also manages to use a higher up power in the CPD to be released. This angers both Severide and OtisKatie's boyfriend. The two begin to plot revenge with two other firefighters. Katie leaves for New York for a fresh start and to be away from Keeler.

Keeler is discovered to be missing, with the keys to his Cadillac in the ignition. Lindsay immediately suspects both Severide and Otis. She runs an investigation of the two but comes up empty.

It is implied that Severide and Katie's father, Bennyhad possibly murdered Keeler. Voight and Lindsay immediately remove Severide and Otis as suspects. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Erin Lindsay. Full Name. Marital Status. Season s.As his shift's lieutenant at Firehouse 51, Severide is the leader of Rescue Squad 3.

Severide is portrayed by Taylor Kinney. Severide graduated at the top of class at the academy and held the record for the youngest firefighter to make squad when he was 23 years old. They work things out by the end of the season. Although Kelly has since reconnected with his father, they still share a love-hate relationship.

He is often known to the "white shirts" high-ranking officers as Benny's son [2] [1] but never used his father's name to advance his career, instead carving out his own reputation as a highly competent firefighter. His charismatic personality makes him a popular figure with both his colleagues and the ladies.

He tends to be casual with his men and can be seen at the squad table or in the lounge chatting or playing cards with the rest of the firehouse. Despite this, he tends to keep his private problems to himself and lets it simmer, which often worries his chief.

kelly severide age

In contrast to Casey, he is highly adept at reading people, especially his own colleagues, and his observation skills have come to the fore in several arson investigations; in season 2, he correctly predicted that Hadley had been targeting the men of 51 and that Candidate Rebecca Jones, who committed suicide just months after graduating from the academy, lacked the discretion and inhibitions to truly excel as a firefighter although she was later revealed to suffer from clinical depression.

At the beginning of season 1, Severide is at loggerheads with Matthew Casey over the death of a colleague and is plagued with a shoulder injury that puts his career in jeopardy. He hides this from everyone except Shay, from whom he gets painkillers to deal with his injury. When he finally sees a doctor, he is told that his condition is severe and would no longer be able to keep his job.

His girlfriend at the time, Renee Royce, tells him of an experimental procedure, which he undergoes to save his shoulder. After the injury a Paramedic Candidate also threatens his career with a false allegation of sexual harassment, although the charges were dropped after Antonio Dawson runs a background check on her and discovers that she was a fraudster. He tries to reach out to her but she was initially hesitant as she and her mother had been abandoned by his father Benny.

The two become close and Kelly is shown to be very protective of her. In the episode " Tonight's The Night " of season 2, Katie is kidnapped and Severide tries to find her in the following episodes.

After she is found, she leaves for Colorado. When Katie's kidnapper disappears, Severide becomes a suspect.Lieutenant Kelly Severide is a firefighter and the company officer for the second shift of Rescue Squad 3. Severide is known as a "ladies man". He is portrayed by Taylor Kinney.

kelly severide age

Kelly is dedicated to his position in Rescue Squad and he is proud to be there and is happy that he did not need the help of his father to get where he is today. Severide has many ex-girlfriends and flings, however, the only relationships that seem to last are friendships rather than relationships, like with his best friend Leslie Shayhis half-sister Katie Nolanand fellow firefighter Matt Casey.

Recently, however, he has maintained a steady and healthy relationship with Stella Kidd. He also has an unknown amount of brothers from his father, Benny Severide's marriage to his step-mother. Severide and Casey are still dealing with the death of one of their team members, Andy. There's tension between Truck 81 and Squad 3 regarding the situation - Severide at the time blames Casey for letting Andy go into the fire while Casey blames Severide for not warning them about the vents which caused the explosion.

During this, Severide is suffering from an injury in his arm. He makes an appointment, where the doctor tells him that they will need to operate and he won't be able to work for a year. He ignores the instructions, the doctor warns him the pain and injury will worsen but he refuses to have surgery.

Shayhis best friend, and roommate help him when he asks for stronger painkillers by taking them from the ambulance. Eventually, the pain worsens and he asks for more, she tells him to get surgery and stop his childishness. He turns to an old girlfriend instead, who gets him much stronger and illegal medication. He keeps taking them until a drug test is ordered on all the firefighters after a case they work on.

He tries to delay the test but is unable to, Shay finds out and helps him. She gets very frustrated at him and leaves their apartment. After she's in an accident, he asks her to come back but she refuses as he's still taking the medication.

He eventually turns to Dawson for help and books an appointment with the doctor and Shay moves back in. Even though the injury is exaggerated at the beginning, he's released quickly and is back on Squad in no time.

Severide reconnects with his father, Benny Severide who comes to visit Firehouse 51 as he served there with Henry Mills and Chief Boden. Tensions arise between him and Chief regarding the death of Henry Mills. Boden tells Severide to tell his father not to come back, but he does so anyway. A fight breaks out between Benny and Peter Mills when Benny tells Peter that his father's and the other firefighter's death was his own fault. He also tells Severide to not trust Mills.

This reversely encourages Severide to trust Mills even more and even go as far as to visit Mills at home after his and Benny's fight and move him over to Squad 3. He tells him which courses to go to - Chief Boden supports his decision to make Mills the youngest transfer to Squad, this doesn't sit well with Casey, who feels he isn't ready. Severide is targeted by an arsonist twice before realizing that the arsonist is targeting firefighters. He makes the connection that the arsonist is also a firefighter, most likely Kevin Hadley.

When he goes to see Hadley, he hints that he's the arsonist but they have no proof, they eventually catch him and he's arrested.Taylor Kinney is an American actor and model. He is of German, Swiss-German, and English ancestry. He and his three brothers were raised in Neffsville, Pennsylvania by their single mother. Kinney studied business management at West Virginia University, before developing an interest in acting.

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kelly severide age

His father is of English and German ancestry, while his mother is of German and Swiss-German descent, with remote French roots. Was engaged to girlfriend Lady Gagaon Valentine's Day, I own nothing; I just stay with friends all over the country. I enjoy my food. I like to grill; I do that a lot. I like meat and have big dinners - steak, red meat splurges, prime cuts. I don't think anybody thinks they're bad, just in life, in general.

I am a gypsy.

Kelly Severide

I haven't had a home for a long time. Call me a homeless person - I just throw everything in a bag and I'm good to go. I look up to a strong woman; maybe that's why I fell for [Lady] Gaga. She works incredibly hard and is very strong and inspirational like Mom, with a great work ethic. I'm a country boy. I grew up kicking around the woods, riding dirt bikes, playing football, climbing rocks and all that good stuff, so that's always been fun.

I want a brood, you know. I'd like to have a little soccer team and a minivan and all that stuff. As an actor, some of my favorite things to work on are night exterior scenes.

Any time that we're on location and shooting at night, it's just magic. I got to do that so many times working on 'Vampire Diaries' that it filled my hat.

I love Sunday-morning drives.

Erin Lindsay

I'll be up at 6 A. When I was on 'Trauma,' the first order was six, which turned to 12, and then there were rumors of getting cancelled.From Saint Maud to The Wicker Man here are some British horror movies that are certain to keep you looking over your shoulder for weeks to come. See the full gallery. Looking for something to watch? Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show.

Visit our What to Watch page. Sign In. Taylor Kinney Actor. Down this week. Taylor Kinney is an American actor and model. His film work includes The Other WomanFilmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Share this page:.

NBC Premiere Schedule. Favourite Actors. Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Taylor Kinney's work have you seen? Known For. The Other Woman Phil. The Forest Aiden. Chicago Fire Kelly Severide. Jump to: Actor Self Archive footage. Kelly Severide. Show all episodes. Show all 11 episodes. Show all 9 episodes.

Darren Thomas. Craig Heisner. Show all 8 episodes.Taylor Jacks Kinney born July 15, [1] is an American actor and model. Taylor Jacks Kinney [2] was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Taylor Kinney \u0026 Jess Spencer CHICAGO FIRE - FTV16

Inhe graduated from Lancaster Mennonite School. InKinney landed a starring role on Chicago Firea drama series that follows the lives of firefighters and paramedics. Inhe guest starred on Shameless as Craig, the former high school crush of the lead character Fiona played by Emmy Rossum.

Kinney began dating singer-songwriter Lady Gaga in July They first met in Nebraska while working on the music video for her song " You and I ", and started dating soon afterwards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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