Chain link fence slat alternative

Chain link fence slats are made of aluminum wire and plastic coated wire. And then they are connected with a chain link fence. With the invisible feature and decoration, chain link fence slats have been widely used in garden decoration, pool and other fields today. Benefits: Compared with common chain link fence, chain fence slats have the advantages of preventing the wind. And they have proven themselves to be an attractive alternative to chain link and wood to surround pools, secure businesses, define property lines, and contain animals.

If you have any questions regarding the products and services of our company, please complete and submit the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. The wire and lath for chain link fence slats range widely.

Wire materials : galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, etc. Lath materials : tubular type, plastic tubes, aluminum, high-density polyethylene. Features: beautiful surface, high decoration, easy to install, a long life time, high flexibility. Color : light blue, white, green, brown, blank, etc. Write Us a Message. Send message. Map Message Home.Few good things can be said about the aesthetic properties of chain-link fence around a home.

If you try to remove it, you just might have a hard time, as the posts are deeply buried and held tightly in place with large concrete "root balls," much like a sturdy tree. Difficult even to remove with a tractor, the metal posts are filled with concrete and are hard to cut. Once you do remove the posts, the chain-link itself is unwieldy and hard to dispose of. With all of chain-link's downsides, covering it up begins to look pretty good. Options range from traditional chain-link fence slats and mesh to bamboo, reed, and wood fence panels.

Since chain-link fences allow for long, narrow pieces to be inserted vertically, why not do an entire fence of this? That's the idea behind this classic method of dressing up chain-link fences. These individual slats slide in from the top and stay in place without means of attachment. Slats are made of either high-density polyethylene or aluminum. Full bamboo pole screens can be installed on a chain-link fence by tying it directly to the rails and poles with foot-long pieces of 16 gauge wire.

Choose poles that are cut on the bamboo nodes, as they do better than poles that have exposed ends.

chain link fence slat alternative

The nodes act as natural weather-resistant caps. Thin bamboo reeds about the thickness of a drinking straw are woven together into 8- to foot long mats.

These rolls are easy to carry and transport back from the home improvement store. Reed screens are usually installed vertically. At first glance, this fence screen looks like a tarp. But tarp is a poor choice for fences because it catches the wind and acts like a sail. By contrast, a mesh privacy screen is made for fences. It is water- and wind-permeable; it has a double-thick trim around the perimeter, and it has brass grommets on the trim so that you can attach it to the chain-link with zip-ties.

Privacy ranges from 80 to 96 percent, depending on how much you are willing to spend.Skip to main content Chain Link Fence Slats. Just received the fence weave today. I recommend purchasing this product! See All Buying Options. This screen did what we expected it to do. Very easy to put up on our chain link fence. Best fence dressing at a very reasonable price. The privacy fence screen is exactly as described. Hides the sins of my neighbors economically.

It really did the trick to block my disgusting neighbors. Plus it looks very beautiful and sleek without looking cheap. It is tightly knitted polyethylene construction so it can withstand wind I live in a very windy city.

It worked better than we thought. Slides easily into the chain link I've never seen anyone do this before, but I tell you, these privacy fences can become really nice fences in their own right. I installed 4x4 pressure treated posts in concrete every sixteen feet along my property line feetand then stretched these privacy fences up I went from resenting my neighbors every single day a developer purchased my neighbor's house, clear-cut 2 acres of forest, and erected three ugly, vinyl-sided houses I can still see lights going by on the street, and vague outlines of people if I look hard, but for the most part, I just don't think about my neighbors any more.

Love love love the way they slats look. We spray painted the poles and added these to make a 35yr old fence look brand new. Slats worked perfectly. I would recommend making sure all your links are fixed, as suggested in directions, before installing. The slats provide just the right amount of blocking. Great price compared to what the big box stores wanted online. These slats are great and easy to "install" unless the fence is bent.

We used these in an older chain link fence and for the most part, they were easy to put in but when I got to certain areas where there was a bend in the fencing, I had a hard time getting the slat in place. My husband got some pliers and loosened those areas up and was able to get the slats through.

chain link fence slat alternative

One thing that us wondering if we didn't get enough slats or did we get more of the border at the bottom that you snap the slats into, than we should've. We still have about 4 feet of the border at the bottom but we are out of slats.

How to Install chain link Privacy Slats.

My husband measured and it doesn't make any sense. I guess we could go hand count the slats but instead we ordered another box even Very easy to insert! Excellent privacy! Slats made my yard look neat and clean! No more looking at negligent neighbors!Best Price - Service - Quality If you find a lower price we can usually beat it. When you need increased privacy for your chain link fence, Wing Slat is the answer - chain link privacy slat.

With the proven quality and durability of our standard slats plus unique "wings" for extra screening and security, these slats are self-locking - no channels are needed! Includes a rigid, flat tubular body, with "legs" inside for extra support. Flexible and resilient wing portions are positioned on each side of the slat body.

Serrations are added to the wings for easier installation and locking power. Instructions for measuring the diamond size for chain link fence. Click here to read why there isn't a privacy slat for diamond sizes larger than 2 inches.

How do I know what fence slat will fit into my fence? Wing Slat with Bottom Locking Runner Customers fence diamond was larger than 2" so a bottom locking runner was added. I finished the fence. I am pleased with it Vivienne B. These fence slat colors are approximations only, please refer to actual color samples for final matching. Toll Free Fence sales yourfencestore.

Privacy Chain Link Fence Slats. Fence Slat Information. Number of Bags:. Specifications: Wing Slat is manufactured 2" shorter than the overall height of the fence e. Slat is made for a 2" diamond and 9 gauge wire. Coverage: Each bag contains 82 pieces.

For a 2 inch diamond, each bag will cover approximately 10 linear feet of fence depends on how tight your fence is stretched — the average chain link fence with a 2 inch diamond has 41 diamonds for every 10 linear feet of fence. Warranty: Manufacturer's year limited pro-rata warranty. Notes: 3' and 7' slats will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks for delivery special order - non returnable. Depending on your location and quantity ordered, there may be an extra shipping fee for eight foot and higher Wing Slats.

If there is an extra fee, you will be contacted after your order is received. Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence Notes: Installing the Wing Slat in some vinyl coated colored chain link fence may be more difficult to install depending on the diamond size, gauge of wire and how tight the fence is stretched. When sliding the slat down into the chain link fence, the wing portion on the slat may cause friction against the vinyl coated chain link fence making it difficult to insert.

We have had hundreds of customers install this slat with vinyl coated chain link fence without a problem, but there have been a few who could not get the slat to insert.

Aluminum Fence Slats

Durability: Our slats are also resistant to severe weather conditions, salt water, sand, road dirt, most acids, alcohol, alkaline, ammonia, petroleum distillates, and common environmental pollutants. End view of the Wing Slat.

Wing Slat - This slat is self-locking.Measure the width of a hole in your chain link fence. Purchase corrugated plastic sheets from the lumber and composites section of home improvement stores.

The sheets are opaque and are available in white. Additional options for chain fence slats include bamboo and wood. If you choose to use these materials, ensure that they are weather resistant for outdoor use. Follow the given process for creating slats but cut the materials with a table saw. Bamboo and wood are available from home improvement stores.

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You can also obtain bamboo from online retailers such as Calibamboo. Retailers sell fencing slats in a variety of colors and sizes, but the total cost of obtaining enough for the length of a chain link fence is considerable. Fortunately, you can avoid the expense by creating your own privacy fencing slats. Manufacturers create the slats with vinyl, but you can use any material that is durable and weatherproof. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, the process of creating and installing your own fencing slats can be enjoyable.

Place the plastic sheet on a flat surface. It is best to take the sheet to a spacious area where you can work without damaging the surface. Ensure that the length of the sheet is equal to the height of the fence. Make the same marks across the middle of the sheet and along the bottom edge of the sheet. You may use a measuring tape or ruler for accurate measurements. Draw straight lines from the top of the sheet to the bottom to connect each group of three dots.

Cut along each line to produce the slats. Use a utility knife. Insert the strips into the chain link fence. You can insert each strip straight down by pushing the top end through a hole at the top and the bottom end through a hole at the bottom, or you can weave the strips through more holes in the fence.

If you choose to arrange the slats diagonally, cut additional slats to fit gaps where necessary. Tina Amo has been writing business-related content since Her articles appear on various well-known websites. Amo holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a concentration in information systems. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Things You'll Need Corrugated plastic sheet, 0.Defining boundaries and creating privacy around your territory, whether it is your back yard, a construction site, or an event. Building a wall out of brick or stone is not a feasible option. Wall construction takes a lot of time that leads to high labor costs. Walls are also not easily movable or removable if your need for them is only temporary. That is why fences are a great alternative. Fences are easy to install, are more cost-effective, and are easier to move.

There are many fencing options available on the market today, and to help you find the best one to meet your needs, here is a list of the top ten chain link fence slats in Get Detail On Amazon. Water-resistant polyethylene built this windscreening fence handles different weather easily and reduces ground-level wind with five years of limited warranty, ensuring its durability.

This fence is easy to install with having more than 60 ZIP ties on privacy screen mesh if you still have any issue in the installation, you can contact the company and get it the issue resolved. This fence replaces 5 feet fence perfectly. Extra stainless copper made grommets with better-reinforced binding helps to keep product durable an stable in heavy wind. You need to contact the company and tell them your specific need to enjoy the custom-designed durable fence in your budget.

With limited three years of warranty, knitted virgin HDPE material made this product stand out in every normal weather. Stainless copper grommets at every 1ft vertical and 2ft horizontal distance aligned this fence is easy to install with included cable zip ties. Easy to upgrade this privacy fence uses tape, feet long included in the pack, to make this product the most economical. Included brass fasteners make the installation process more convenient.

Wing Slat for Chain Link Fences

The product comes with five years of warranty, making sure you invest in a durable product. With having different colors available tapes, you can easily upgrade your fence with a new feel every time.

The product is extremely durable and also comes with three years of the limited warranty. It gives your shadowed space the UV rays protection to keep your space alive. It replaces 6 feet fence perfectly, and the structure is very durable and heavy-duty. It allows the air and water through it to reduce ground-level wind to keep the atmosphere balanced.

Thirty years of limited warranty speaks loudly about the durability of this chain-link fence slat. The USA built this product lasts longer than wind-screen and available in nine colors to choose from.Best Price - Service - Quality If you find a lower price we can usually beat it.

We try to carry every type of slat on the market. If you are looking for a slat we do not carry please call or e-mail us. When comparing privacy fence slat prices on the Internet, please make sure shipping is included in the price. These slat colors are approximations only, please refer to actual color samples for final matching. Unsolicited customer comments: I just received my Option Lock Privacy Fence Slats 2 days after ordering them and couldn't be happier!

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They were easy to install, look sturdy and blend very nice. Thank you again for a great investment. Palmdale, CA. I ordered some slats a few years ago from a company on the Internet that was inexpensive. They faded and almost turned white within the first year. I guess you get what you pay for. Come to find out they were made overseas and the company wouldn't own up to their warranty. I'm glad I found your company and that your slats are made in the good ole USA. The slats from your company have been installed for a while now and are the exact same color as when I put them in the fence.

San Jose, CA. I just finished installing the Feather Lock fence slats in the fence in my back yard and they look great. They do a good job of blocking out the view of a rather ugly alley.

My order arrived a less than a week after I placed it. Good product, good service. Thanks, Dave, Sierra Vista, Arizona. I purchased the white Ultimate Slats after reviewing the sample kit that you had available for purchase online. The sample kit was a great way to see the colors as well as the various styles and how they fit. We were very pleased with the fast delivery and quality of your slats.

They are well made and look great when installed.

chain link fence slat alternative

We did a long section first to block out our neighbor. The slats were extremely easy to install and we trimmed a few on the ends where needed due to fence problems on the bottom. I just used a pruning clipper which was fast and easy. We did have a slight problem with one section going up a hill where the fence installer took a shortcut and didn't line up the fence correctly. The slats looked nice in that area but were slanted slightly.

We plan on putting a pot and plant in front of this section. Overall I would give your company excellent marks for delivery, quality, customer service and selection. The price was very reasonable as well. By the way, I'm 73 years old.

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